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Trade Secret and Intellectual Property Theft Investigation

The theft of intellectual property and trade secrets are not always the secrets. In fact, the use of intellectual property can be downright obvious. In some cases, smaller businesses can feel a much greater loss when patented processes, techniques, or designs are infringed upon – the loss of a trademark could signal the extinction of a business. When you have even the smallest inkling of fear about the security of your company's intellectual property, initiating trade secret investigations by an investigator is an easy and necessary decision.


Uncovering Trade Secret & Intellectual Property Theft

Your company's intellectual property is a valuable part of your business – some might even say it's the most valuable part of your business. Without these details that make your brand unique, there is no originality to set you apart from competitors.

There is no room for your trademarks or other proprietary assets to be compromised. But every bit of information related to ownership and operation of your company is vulnerable to both internal and external threats. If you suspect intellectual property theft, it's essential that you hire an experienced investigation team to discover where, how, and what information is being compromised. Through a trade secret investigation, it will be discovered who is involved in this underhanded endeavor before damage can be done, and you will be able to make decisions about how to contain the problem. Should the situation already be too far gone to squash quietly, your investigator will compile the relevant information, details, interviews, witnesses, and evidence so that you and your legal team can ready a case for criminal or civil prosecution.


Consequences of negligence from taking precaution against intellectual property and trade secrets theft:

Victims of intellectual property theft often lose more than money – reputation, client base, even employee loyalty can all be affected. If left unchecked, the theft of intellectual property – if a business is still standing afterward – leaves the door open to future losses and violations.


To avoid those horrible consequences, it is now the time to consult with TBI as your professional investigator to erase the hidden danger before it becomes a visible problem!