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Internal Theft & Fraud Investigations

Beyond the monetary loss associated with employee theft, there is the betrayal of trust, which can also take its toll. TBI can help protect your firm's interests by assisting you to identify, eliminate, and prevent these kinds of issues in the workplace. We offer a strong team of highly trained investigators, all of whom are well-versed in national and local laws.


Whether your issue involves screening a prospective business partner, investigating the theft of proprietary information and trade secrets, documenting employee misconduct, or procuring visual evidence that demonstrates criminal wrongdoings perpetrated by an employee or an entire department. TBI can provide corporate clients the information required in order to terminate the cases that are related to those involved, prosecution, and assist in the recovery of losses.

TBI will work with your internal teams to examine your organization for signs of fraud, particularly in your entire organization or high-risk areas. Our comprehensive approach takes advantage of our staff with different backgrounds and expertise. As part of our routine investigation, we:  

analyze facts

prepare investigation strategies

search for written evidence

identify and interview witnesses

determine, interview and deal with target people

In each stage of investigation, we work closely with legal consultants, senior managers, audit committees or externally hired lawyers to help obtain goals set by our clients. 

We will also recommend the best procedures our clients can use to:

collect and store evidence

negotiate with regulators and procurators

punish employees and terminate cooperation with suppliers

TBI can also provide a broad range of services to reduce losses, which include counseling on financial and business risk management(e.g. internal data processing policies and personal safety standards) and measures suggested against future problems.