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Financial Due Diligence

In the operation of M&A(Mergers and Acquisition), investment, credit and other financial business, we ask the target company for information, such as audit data, meanwhile interview and discussion will be done with the target company too. We also do network information collection. The operation ways mentioned above are the prophase work of financial project. After the initial agreement is reached, we will focus on work such as in-depth research, purposeful verification and comprehensive evaluation etc.

Risk comes from the unknown, as for information about the development history, business condition, management team, credit background, management situation, industry environment, and political related business relationship of the target company, as well as the background and reputation of the company's actual controller, and so on could be all collected and arranged by our team. After that, we will check for further complement needs, and we will also analyze all the files for accurate result. This large amount of work requires intimate cooperation among the professional investigators, information analysts and risk management experts. They will try their best to wove the net of the risk management tighter to keep the uncontrollable risk away. Then the controllable risks will be well in hands.