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Immigration Due Diligence

TBI has been engaged in due diligence and business background investigation industry for over 15 years, the investigation of the background of Chinese businessmen in our previous business occupies a large proportion, which helps with accumulating rich experience in investigation, that's also how we got a stronger advantage in due diligence with Chinese businessman immigrant group. As a domestic business investigation company in China, compared with the international due diligence suppliers, TBI also has more advantages on time and investigation fee.


The investigation conducted by TBI for immigration due diligence could be done as follows:


Objective and accurate: TBI has a long-term business investigation ability and experience, we can accurately screen applicants with bad background to provide objective and accurate investigation report. In China, there are a large number of people with the same given name and surname. On the basis of multi-means and multi-channels of investigation, TBI will repeatedly verified the investigation results so as to avoid making mistakes.

Security and confidentiality: TBI's investigation is usually carried out back-to-back, the process is legal and compliant, and the information of immigration applicant is kept confidential for life.


Fast and efficient: TBI has a mature and stable investigation team, which can make it fast and efficient to carry out immigration background investigation.


Reasonable price: Under the premise of ensuring turnaround time and high investigation quality, TBI provides customers with the most cost-effective service.