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About Conflict International

Operation & Fee

We promise a simple and fast procedure through which you can commission us to work for you. The procedures are as follows:  

Step One: Phone calls and inquiries 

If you have any questions, please call one of our consultants, who can answer your questions and offer you professional support and consulting service. You can reach us via telephone or email.  

Tel.: +8610-6492 3399, 6492 2828

Step Two: Clarification and letter of intent

After responding to your enquiries via telephone or email, we will assign a consultant to talk with you to clarify the investigation objectives and tasks before a group of our investigators draw up an investigation plan and provide a letter of intent for your information, which includes:  

1. A statement whether we can accept the commission
2. An assessment of the commissioned project
3. An investigation plan
4. Estimated time needed to complete the project
5. The fee we charge

Step Three: Plan confirmation and agreement signing

We will flesh out the plan as you require and sign it into a formal agreement with you before the investigation formally starts. 

Step Four: Investigation fulfilled and report delivered

Our investigators will keep you posted about how the investigation goes and provide you with a complete investigation report when the investigation ends. The report includes original copies of documents obtained during the investigation, documented investigation processes in great detail, relevant pictures, audio/video materials, legal analyses, expert opinions etc.

If you have any questions about these procedure, please don’t hesitate to call us for more information.


We will weigh the complexity of the certain case individually, the factors such as the location time will be taken into consideration for the quote. After your initial consultation, our consultants will contact you afterwards. Specific assessments will be made on the basis of the different circumstances of each case.


Our payment terms are divided into the following two types:


1. one-time charge of commission fees

Applicable to routine business investigation, insurance claims investigation, litigation support services.


2. installment payment according to the working stage

Applicable to in-depth business investigations, due diligence, risk management solutions, etc.

For more information, please contact one of our consultants. We are always ready to provide services as expected.